Saturday, July 27, 2013


After 2 years of leaving this blog, i think my blog already full of mushroom and spider web. Didn't have time to write anything after work, so lifeless. Well, i may have to start back this blog to express my emotion and feeling since there is no one here that listen to me. Consider this blog is my only listener from now, i will be more motivated to post out.

Factory life= No life. Whole day sit in front of pc and cracking head to do all the report and presentation is making me sick. Yet i haven include how much weight i increased since i work. depressing >.<
Kinda regret of taking this course (Actually the 1st step i step at uni already said the same thing), my ambition will never is becoming an engineer. Please don't ask me why i pick this course, because every time i ask myself i still could not answer myself. This is life right, you will never get what you want in life.

Second things, my bf been away from me since may, every month only came back once to meet me. This actually a torture for me, cause i'm not the type of girl that can wait people. Maybe you will say i am too dependent but why not. Why i can't? This is what bf for right? If i want a bf that can't accompany me, then i rather go find a normal friend and hangout. Hard to express my feeling towards him already, what i get is wait wait wait. Problem is i cant wait.

Anyway, i hope i can move on with life. Gambateh!! Jia you!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

P@rty tIME

Is been a long time to update my blog, coz im kind of busy with my work and lazy of coz..hehe..But after the day    before yest im a free person, coz im done wif my fyp!!! yeah~~ so happy i no ned to go coit from morning til nite, trust me u wun like it although it was cold, the longer u stay d longer u feel lik running away from thr.

After my fyp presentation, surprisingly i didnt go aneway coz of the tiredness. is a big released that i actually went thru it, u duno how much stress i gt when i haven get it done :( finally can say i finish :) from nw on is party time...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Drama to be finish ♥

Right now, I'm obsess with all the drama and shows..Just hope it will heal my torture from my work :) 
  1. Supernatural Season 6 

     2. Glee Season 2

       3. Vampires Diaries Season 2

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jingle All The WaY

Ho Ho Ho....jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way...This week I got too many stuff to settle, fyp, career booth etc. until I actually got no time to do my shopping!! Gosh...tatz is the most torture thing when u knw thr is a sales bt u cant go :( However, thanz to my dear, b4 d christmas he brought me various places to feel the x'mas mood.

Firstly, we went to Pavilion. This time their deco was mainly gold and red, not really my type..

This is the entrance.

 Like this trees at night, snow will be dropping.

there is a fountain in front full of flowers :)

 here is the inside deco..

lovely :)

We had our lunch at Manhattan fish market, grab some nice seafood, yummee..

Crab nice only $19.90

Seafood platter $29.90

Next we heading to Lot 10, not much deco there but just like the blue and white combination.

thumb up

shooting star 

time square

 After a tired day, a Starbucks coffee lighten me up  

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Plan @Fter Final!!!

Tomorrow final going to start, but now i already thinking of after final where go lepak and things to do...(cant wait for that day~)

Ist of the list is movie marathon...

  1. Life as we know it 
2. You again
3. Buried
    4.  Charlie St Cloud

Second I want to do spa!!! To release stress after exam (hehe) ^^

Thrid of course is my favorite---

Haiz..enough of dreaming about this, back to reality I still need study my beloved subject....Here wishing all my friend good luck in exam!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

@damLambert gLamNation Tour

14 Oct 2010 (Thurs) me n fews of my friend went for adam lambert glamnation tour!!! I was excited!! This is the first time i went for a concert. OMG~~

mith,me,anita (from left to right)

tong ann n me

It actualy was a very last minute plan, the concert started at 8pm then 7.30pm my fren only told me got ticket to that concert. I was superb happy tat time..(hehe)

thank to digi n shankar!!

When v on d way walk 2 d stadium, v saw gt a bunch of people in front. After that only we realised they came to protest adam lambert concert. It seem that he is a gay n he kissed a guy on d stage, so they dun1 tis kind things happen in malaysia. But for my opinion, I feel they were too sensitive bout it, adam lambert was excited to cum 2 malaysia n he already told nt goin2 do tis in malaysia so why they cant welcome he?!! Anyway, I hope he wun feel dissapointed, coz of tis issue coz he still his big fans to support him!!

he song was awesome

if i had you ~~

for your entertainment

The concert finish around 11pm, but I feel it was too short :( wanted2 enjoy more although the next day got fyp presentation (hehe...)

after the concert finish

 Digi alwaz the smarter choices

It was jam when v wan2 go bck time, so is pic time!!

Adam Lambert i really hope you will come to Malaysia again...we'll be waiting for you!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My upcoming graduaiton trip

Since I'm guaduated soon, i am going bali wif my


imagine sit on d bench wif him

     leaving foot step on d sand

sea walker?!!!

cant wait to go thr!!! bali wait 4 me~~